Ultra Slim Flat LED Pool Light LedMan

Ultra Slim flat - Wall mounted, only 8mm deep - No need for a niche 2 year warranty
SKU: slim
1,480,000 تومان

Features of Wall Mounted Underwater Lamp Swimming Pool LED Light
1.two years warranty.
2. Up to 50,000 hours life time
3. Non-corrosive
4. Good sealing
5. Thinner than other lights(only 8mm)
6. Easy to install
7. Energy saving, Eco-friendly, little heat while working, long life, safe in use
8. Superior geometric lens strengthen the light beam throughout the wide angle lens and lighten the entire pool

Applications of Resin Filled 316 Stainless Steel LED Swimming Pool Light
1. Swimming pool
2. Water-fall
3. Fountain spring
4. Aquariums
5. Pond
6. other outdoor underwater place

Caution of LED Swimming Pool Light, led underwater light, led aquarium light:
1.Please read product manual carefully and make sure the working circumstance is compliant with the condition requests in the manual before use the lamps.
2.Make sure that power is cut off before connect the lamps to power supply systems.
3.The lamp should be used under water
4.Can not be operated out of water over 15minutes(cooling)

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