Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy
This policy document about how we collect, use, store and non-user data to your user's website explains.Private information includes items such as the user's name, address, e-mail, phone numbers, and other information that is not normally available to the public.The purpose of this document is to inform you as a user of the site What information we collect and how direct use of this information,How to Disable the information and what method we use to protect our users' information.

We're trying on getting that create a space for users to feel safe when using the Site and its services, and to ensure that we know is on your side. We are obliged to respect your privacy.

Method of data collection
The information we collect directly and indirectly.
One of the ways in which we obtained information during registration when you leave to us We question why some information during registration and explain to you how to use them Or at other times but they do not provide the information required to prepare the information can contribute we give you the way of Information.And you'll have the option to complete the information with us or leave
We also provide some information is automatically collected from your visit to our site,Information such as the IP address of your computer and operating system and browser you use it and do all the activities on the site.We will treat this information as personal information and to maintain their privacy politics will follow.

Data storage time

We stored information until you use the services provided by your keep.If you visit the site for one year and did not benefit from any of the site's services, for example, do not click on any of emails,We will send you an email and ask you to continue to use the services of our website,If you have a month to not answer the email your subscription will be canceled.

Do we disclose your information or contact the organization and the people we share it?
Since our ideal customer is one of the main and important member of your users know strove to maintain the information and privacy of our users is So we use your information to any organization or company, organization or sold and will not be shared.
Except in cases of legal authorities to investigate complaints or other items needed to find this information.
Further, only part of the information needed to carry out the process of the personnel within the organization to improve the quality of services we will.

Your Access to Information
We believe that the right users have access to your information So at any point in time you will be available to you the information you need to remove them Or edit.

Changes in Policy
This store may be changed at any time at its own policies Therefore, in case of any changes shall be informed of changes to the user's e-mail to all And any use after the date of the updated policy is subject to the policy.