After sales service

 If you have any problems with the device numbers  +98-901-1087770 After-sales service production team please contact  .

 1 - All costs and fees and the cost of replacement parts replacement warranty is included .

 2 - Cost of transport equipment is the responsibility of the customer .

 3 - Warranty does not include consumable parts , such as xenon lamps .

 4 - Accessory devices such as switching power supply and ... Does not include a warranty .

 5 - All projector 12 volt devices and are not guaranteed . ( Use non -standard power supply of 12 volts can cause damage to them. )


 Failure to observe the following will result in a cancellation guarantee :

 1 - open and repair missing or tampered with by unauthorized persons and serial number .

 2 - damage due to power fluctuations and practical use . ( Diagnosed by a specialist company )

 3 - fracture or corrosion of water to the device.


All devices manufactured View light store Titration is labeled serial number warranty .