About Us

In the year of 1390 with the help and the help of God with the name Green kit Manufacturing Group started its activities,

Initially, the construction and lighting systems provide musical and musical flash 400 into the electronic producers.

In 1392 and inspired by the message of the Islamic Revolution Leader of the movement of a nation on the face of the global economic and political arrogance,
  We firmly believe that Iran is not only foreigners but also an exporter of consumer products

And now, in less than 2 years lighting store has proven its position among domestic producers

View Light online store is now a major hub for the export of lighting has become

The company was successful in recruiting a young, motivated and capable, as well as using modern methods of commerce, in a short time to achieve great success.
The main objectives Nvrnma store can be mentioned the following:
Change in Iran and leadership in the field of e-commerce
Education and Excellence Manpower Employment interested in e-commerce strategy
Create an optimal platform for sales to increase customer satisfaction and suppliers
Scheming ways to increase sales for local suppliers and consequently reduce prices for consumers
Facilitate the process of buying and search for your favorite clients
Reduce traffic and help the environment and improve the quality of life of citizens

Help to introduce and sell products Muslim Lighting

With the aim to provide the best products and services, customer satisfaction is based
  Our goal is to become a store that people of every class and to be able to trade your lighting needs in the shortest time and with minimal cost,
  And the highest possible quality in the supply and use with satisfaction.

Currently, the store has a team specialized in the areas of sales, marketing, procurement, programming and send that in all his working hours to meet customer requirements.


From this we thank you in this way not only